Jewelry Care and Preservation

There are certain habits that avoid them will ensure your ability to enjoy our jewelery for years. For example, removing the jewelry from chemicals.

Chemicals used daily can damage jewelery made of gold and silver and in fact damage their natural luster. Detergents can damage the top layer and damage the jewelry.

In light of the reaction to the chemicals, it is recommended to remove the name jewelry before entering the shower, before doing any cleaning, cooking, before applying makeup and various creams, hair sprays and perfume.

Chlorine can also damage gold jewelery, so we recommend removing gold jewelery before entering the pool and / or hot tub.

It is advisable to wipe the jewelry occasionally with a soft cleaning cloth as well as store it gently and separately from other jewelry to prevent scratches.

Finally, be sure to remove the jewelry before you change clothes or go to bed, in order to avoid a situation where the jewelry will be caught, wrinkled or broken.

You have to take into account that silver jewelry has a tendency to blacken and gold jewelry has a tendency to get dirty so it is important to follow these instructions so that you can enjoy your jewelry over time.

We assure you that these are easy steps to take and the results are definitely worth the effort.